Hello, reader!

      I am writing to you from the bottom half of the hourglass.

This image has layers of meaning for me and I continue to discover more. I will share some with you here:

The classic image of the hourglass portrays the passing of time, or the perspective that time is “running out”.  It denotes diminishment. I adopt a different perspective.  Time is running out of the top half of the hourglass;  that is true.  But in the bottom half time is collecting! Accruing!! It becomes not less but more!  That is where I choose to dwell.

The bottom half of the hourglass is not only where time collects but experience as well.  I am in the second half of the journey of my life (the bottom half of the hourglass), upon which I embarked with purpose and enthusiasm a few years ago.  I enjoy the wealth of all of my life experiences, lived with evolving consciousness, from which I am able to draw wisdom, both for myself and to share with others.

The bottom half of the hourglass also symbolizes a knowledge and understanding of the subconscious mind (below), which gives enlightenment to our conscious mind (above).  In befriending our subconscious, our shadow self, we gain clarity about our conscious thoughts and behavior, and thus are better able to live our lives out of free choice in the present, rather than be unwittingly steered by past programming that may no longer serve or apply.

Some years ago I experienced a profound meditation in which I was invited to figuratively let go of everything that had my time and attention in life, no matter how valid or important a priority, and to slip down, deep down, into the center of my being.  The physical sensation felt like slipping with the sand through the narrow opening of the hourglass.  It was a switch in perspective. A shift of paradigm.  It was only in the letting go of the periphery that I was able to reach my center, and it was only in reaching the center and living from that part of me that I discovered I was better able to serve all that I gave my time and attention to.

Present moment awareness is demonstrated in each grain of sand as it passes through the narrow neck of the hourglass. I am finding more and more how true it is that present moment awareness, or living in the now, is key to many things:  conscious living, inner peace, stepping away from drama, observing our ego mind and all its tactics, true abundance, and having all the time we need. (It’s the only time we really have: the present moment.  And that’s all we need.) The present moment is the portal to eternity.

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