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Befriending Your Physical Self

The following ideas were received via a shamanic journey on behalf of a woman who was seeking answers to a question about her health. She had reached a time in her life in which her spiritual, emotional and mental self were all in good shape. She felt happy, vibrant, positive, engaged. More than ever before, in fact. Yet physical ailments and issues continued to present themselves, niggling reminders that all was not well. What was this about? Why, she wondered, was her physical body not in alignment with the rest of her?

The answers held such profound truth and near universal application for our gender in this culture at this time, that we both agreed there was benefit in sharing them. I share the message of the journey here, with her permission. You are welcome to read this as if it is directed personally to you. It may well be. You will know.

First I saw a circle, a hoop, with a cross in it, depicting the four aspects of your being: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Spiritual was in the north. Mental was in the east. Emotional was in the west, and physical was in the south on the circle. Three bright lights, spirit-beings, stood at the north, east and west. Together they were joined in attending to the one at the south, which was very dim. I was given to understand that these spirit-lights are a part of your highest being. They are the highest and healed eternal aspects of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies, and are connected with Divinity.

Next the dim spirit-light in the southern position of the hoop turned into a newborn infant, and the others laid her on her side on the circle as on a table. They massaged her with oils, rubbing her back, and gently tapping her feet, to soothingly awaken her physical body and to seat her soul in it. Perhaps this was not done perfectly at your birth, these loving ministrations to make sure that your spirit felt completely welcomed and embodied? (For most of us, it was probably not even thought about.)

Next I watched you grow into a three-year- old, a five-year- old, a third-grader jumping rope. Something may have happened or not happened at these ages of your body. Injury? Illness? Trauma? Each age of your body was surrounded by the north, east and west spirit-lights and attended to in whatever way was needed.

Then we stopped at your twelve-year- old self. A significant disconnect may have happened here with the coming of puberty, adolescence, and awareness of body image. As well, the importance of being accepted in social circles of girls of that age figured largely. It was explained that this is not at all uncommon in our culture. At an age in indigenous cultures when tribal belonging and growth into womanhood is marked with ceremony and celebrated, in our culture it is largely kept secret, bemoaned, dealt with as minimally as possible, the subject of grave warnings of impending danger. Instead of being encircled among girls and women, this coming of age is often accompanied by the experience of being shunned or excluded, or of feeling as though you are separate, apart, and not as good as.

Photo by Yoann Boyer

Of course it is not news that treatment of body image among young girls and women has been brutal in our culture. This is so all-pervasive that it has taken us a long time even to be aware of it. Finally the correction of that is beginning to happen in current generations. It was at her age of attainment that the north, east and west spirit-lights gave instruction to the south, “You are a woman-warrior. You are strong, capable and beautiful. We welcome you into your womanhood.” She knows this already at some level but needs to be told it again.

Next we were at age eighteen-nineteen- twenty, and then pregnancy, and then first childbirth. By this time the light-being in the south was under a heavy dense cloud of fog comprised of all of the cultural oppression of women in all of its forms that has accumulated over centuries of ignorance. The sacred process of giving birth was interrupted and replaced by surgery. No true recognition or recompense was ever really expressed or offered. Why would it be? was the general accepted mindset. Instead, a substitute and an oh well.

Photo by Yannick Pulver

This was all a part of that cloud of non-caring and discounting of what is important to our physical aspect, this shrugging it off as oh well and never mind and don’t complain and just make the best of it. And of course, seated as this event was next to the joys of motherhood and of having a healthy baby, it was easily neglected and discounted further. It was let go, put away by the emotions, logically discarded by the intellect. It was even looked upon as somewhat selfish and petty by the spiritual. Yet your own physical body in its experience of childbirth was and still is intrinsic and important. It is right and good to attend to this part of your being.

The spirit-lights of north, east and west surrounded south again as a grown woman. They cleared the fog over and around her in an ever-widening circle of clarity. This is what needs to be done and it is being done in a species-wide manner right now. A clearing of the fog that has blanketed our gender is in process and if we recognize it and acknowledge it and cooperate with it we will hasten the process. This fog is comprised of centuries of oppression and ignorance. Its clearing is a return to a way of being that is forgotten in our tangible world but can be revived from within us. In this it is like the migration of the monarch butterflies across North America to central Mexico…they know the way though they themselves have not been there, not for three or four of their generations. And just so will we return to the originally intended beauty and power of our gender within our species. This is currently in process, and every woman’s observance of it within herself will help to bring it about for others.

It is no wonder that, given a lifetime of being discounted, criticized and un-included, our physical bodies may not have a strong connection with our spiritual, emotional and intellectual self. One prescribed “remedy” is to be conscious of including and welcoming your physical body. To foster this re-connection, visualize the spiritual, mental and emotional parts of yourself as spirit-lights of the north, east and west. Three women who will now make it their practice to befriend the fourth.

Photo by Suhyeon Choi

Create with them a ritual of healing and inclusion for your physical body, the south spirit-light. Let it be something ongoing until its effects are complete. In addition to a ritual, make a daily practice of visualizing all four parts of yourself participating in everything you do. If you are going somewhere, hold the conscious thought: “Hey, body-being, we’re going out…come with us!” Visualize all four parts together, in a loving and strong company, a group of lifetime friends.

When you are sitting down to eat, acknowledge and include your physical body and joyfully celebrate her presence, her membership in the circle. Share food with her generously, not begrudgingly or with guilt. (Oh the dense fog around food and self care that clings to our feminine bodies!) Receiving massage therapy (because your body is worth it) is another example of something helpful in re-establishing connection with your physical body. You might honor your physical being by paying attention to her, complimenting her ( !!! ), thanking her. Purposely and with awareness, include and address your physical body as if she is important, too, she is an equal part of your being, right up there with spiritual, mental and emotional.

Photo by Ben White

In the evolution of our species, the meaning and splendor of these four aspects of being have made and are making a comeback, in this order: spiritual, mental, emotional, and last but certainly not least, physical. Our timely and observant task is to notice this disconnect if it is present within ourselves and to seek wisdom to address and heal it. There are many among us who would benefit from inner work of this type. In this we have good company.

I thank our spirit teachers and guides for imparting this helpful information. I offer it to you for your healing and wholeness and for the highest good of all.

This account is an example of one type of shamanic service that I offer: journeying to obtain helpful information for a particular issue. For more about this and other services, please visit, and click on Shamanic Services.

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